Newkeli mushroom packaging machine/mushroom tray packing machine features precise measurements and sealing capabilities to ensure perfectly weighed, wrapped and sealed for maximum freshness.

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Edible mushroom packaging machine

The mushroom packaging machine is suitable for tea tree mushrooms, seafood mushrooms, white mushrooms, snow fungus, golden ears, oyster mushrooms, fungus, cordyceps flowers, crab mushrooms, straw mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, etc.



Mushroom Packaging Machine | Mushroom Tray Packing Machine

Main performance and structural characteristics

1. Double inverter control, the bag length is set and cut immediately, no need to adjust the idling, one step is in place, saving time and film.
2. Man-machine interface, the mushroom tray packing machine is convenient and quick parameter setting.
3. The fault self-diagnosis function, the fault display is clear at a glance.
4. High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, digital input of the sealing and cutting position, making the sealing and cutting position more accurate.
5. Temperature PID control, better suitable for various packaging materials.
6. Reciprocating end-sealing mechanism, the sealing is firmer, and the die-sealing cutter has no loss.
7. The end-sealing gusset device makes the bag shape more beautiful and improves the product quality.
8.***Stopping function, no sticking to the knife, no wasting of film with the mushroom packaging machine.
9. The transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.
10. All control is realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrade, without falling behind.
mushroom packaging machine


The Easy-To-Use Technical Specifications

Machine type:KL-600W Mushroom Tray Packing Machine

Film width:Max.600mm

Bag length:120~450mm

Bag making width:50~200mm

Bag making height:80-120mm

Film roll diameter:Max.320mm

Packaging speed:20~80 bags/minute

Power Specifications:220V, 50/60HZ, 3.6KVA

Machine size:(L)4380×(W)970×(H)1500mm

Machine weight:1160kg

Remarks: Reciprocating sealing and cutting system with gusset device


Are you tired of manually packaging your mushrooms? Thebun packing machine is the solution you've been looking for. This advanced mushroom tray packing machine is designed to make your mushroom packaging process fast, easy, and efficient.

The mushroom packaging machine is equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures the highest level of speed and precision in your mushroom packaging process. With the high-speed production capability of the mushroom tray packing machine, you can pack more mushrooms in less time, increasing your productivity and profits.

Not only is the mushroom packaging machine fast, but it also guarantees consistency in your packaging process. No more unevenly packed mushrooms that could harm your brand's reputation. This mushroom tray packing machine is equipped with precise measurements and sealing capabilities, ensuring that every pack is perfectly weighed, wrapped, and sealed for maximum freshness.

The mushroom packaging machine is user-friendly and easy to operate, even for those with no prior experience in packaging. The intuitive design and simple interface make it a breeze to use, and the mushroom tray packing machine comes with a compact size means it won't take up too much space in your facility.

Investing in the mushroom packaging machine is a smart move for your business. With its benefits of increased productivity, consistent packaging, and ease of use, the mushroom tray packing machine will pay for itself in no time. Don't wait any longer to upgrade your mushroom packaging process. Order your mushroom packaging machine today and take your packaging process to the next level!

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