bagging machine for toys puzzle packing machine,bucket chain vertical packing machine for Plastic toys puzzle pieces

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Toys Jigsaw puzzle pouch packing machine

 bucket chain vertical packing machine for Plastic toys puzzle pieces This machine is suitable packaging for hardware accessories, such as: screws, nuts, gaskets; furniture accessories, such as: wood pins, self-tapping screws, wrenches; standard accessories, examples: toys, food, medicine; lighting industry, for example: Hanging board, wiring cap, expansion rubber, foot nails and other materials.







Technical specifcation

1. Stepper motor pulls the film, the screen adjusts the parameters, and the operation is convenient.

 2. The expansion function is strong, and it can be connected to the package device and the inflator to meet the needs of different products.
3. Bag making Filling, metering, sealing, printing date, product output is completed in one time. 

4. Frequency control, when the machine is turned off, the sealing knife will open automatically, which can control unnecessary waste.


Semi Automatic
Film width(Bag former):
Max.320mm (back seal 50-320mm , 3 side seal 50-300mm . 4 side seal 120-280mm)
Bag width
Max.150mm (back seal 20-150mm , 3 side seal 25-150mm . 4 side seal 60-140mm)
Bag length
30-220mm ( If special order can do 250mm,280mm)
Measurement range
Packing speed
220V,50/60HZ, Single Phase










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