how to wrap vegetable ?

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how to wrap vegetable ?
how to wrap vegetable ?
12 Apr 2021
We often see packaged vegetables for sale on the supermarket shelves, but how to pack vegetable for sale?

In general, two packaging methods, vacuum packaging and pillow type packaging are used

Vacuum Shrink  packaging:
1. Vacuum packaging can keep the vegetables fresh, prevent the vegetables from spoiling, and retain their color, aroma, taste and nutritional value.
2. Vacuum packaging also has the functions of pressure resistance, gas barrier, and preservation to achieve long-term storage without internal damage due to external causes. Effectively prevent the food from being crushed and deformed, and keep the fruits and vegetables fresh.
3. Using packaging materials with excellent barrier properties and strict sealing technology and requirements, it can avoid the weight loss of vegetables, loss of flavor, and prevent secondary pollution.
4. The gas inside the vegetable packaging bag is eliminated, and the heat sterilization is accelerated, thereby improving the sterilization efficiency of the heat, and also avoiding the expansion of the gas and the rupture of the packaging container.
Pillow type packaging:
1. It can pack vegetables of any shape, there are trays, no trays.
2. Fully automatic bag making and printing production date, fresh keeping, high speed packaging and fast packaging speed.
3. Reduce human contact and prevent secondary pollution.
4. Maintain high transparency, good displayability, and maintain high strength without affecting transportation, storage and use.
5. Suitable for packaging of tomatoes, fruits, cucumbers, onions, corn, potatoes, etc. Different packaging forms can be selected depending on the morphological characteristics of the vegetable product.

The above are two common forms of vegetable packaging, about how to pack vegetable for sale by the machine, we will explain in detail in the vacuum packing machine and pillow type packing machine's operating manual.

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