the working principle of pillow packaging machine

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the working principle of pillow packaging machine
the working principle of pillow packaging machine
11 Aug 2022

The pillow packaging machine is characterized by fast temperature increase, good stability, simple maintenance, etc. The shrinkage temperature and motor transmission speed are stably adjustable, the adjustment range is wide, and it can work continuously. The pillow packaging machine has advanced design, stable performance, energy saving and high efficiency, good shrinkage effect, novel and beautiful structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and can be applied to shrink packaging of any shrink film.  The pillow packaging machine is driven by a continuously variable transmission motor, and the tooth chain continuously variable transmission rotates through a V-belt. The transmission obtains different operating speeds according to the speed change of the speed control transmission chain.  The packaging film is installed on the film feeding shaft, the packaged items are put into the feeder (irregular items need to be manually fed), and the conveyor belt automatically transfers the packaged items to the packaging part and packs them in the film. Then heat and press to form, send it to a horizontal sealing cutting knife for hot melt horizontal sealing, and break it. The finished product is then output through the conveyor belt.

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