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automatic pillow type shrink wrap machine

Shrink wrapping machine deliver an excellent combination of price, versatility and customer support. With a comprehensive line of durable shrink wrapping machines, we offer the packaging solution you require and deliver the value you seek. New keli offers high-speed automatic shrink packaging...



KLB-450 Shrink  wrap machine

I.Main performance and structure features

1. One or many in group packed;.

2. Safety dutch equipment no harm to the goods;

3. Waste processing equipment is available packing in esthetics;

4. PLC based control for a more stable and reliable system with less trouble;

5. Digital display with package length, speed and temperature adjustable, easy and accurate to use;

6. The different conveying models to ensure the goods not moving and rotating;

7. Reasonable and simple design makes the operation simply and adjustment conveniently.


II.Shrink wrapping packing machine Application

Suitable for packing regular objects such as instant noodles with bowl, noodles, milk, solid Mosquito coil, food boxed, comestic, plastic bottle, solid coil perfume, battery etc.


III. Shrink wrapping packing machineSpecification



Film width

Max. 450mm

Bag length


Bag width


Product height


Packaging rate

30-180 bag/min


220V/ 3.6KVA

Machine size


Power of Shrink tunnels blower(highest)




Heat shrinking POF film flow packaging machine TECHNICAL FEATURES

Packing length can be adjusted at will by touch screen

Airflow collector for leftover edge, invariable tension assuring the longitudinal sealing firm

Nice sealing and firm package to avoid wetting

Auto feeder can be designed as per requirement


Further option(Static sealing flow packaging machine):

Apply American static cling technology instead of the traditional longitudinal sealing heating device, which reduces power consumption and avoid burning worker, so more safer, meanwhile packing film required by our machine could be narrower 20-30mm than others, which can save 5-6% film cost

Heat shrinking POF film flow packaging machine APPLICATIONS

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