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plastic shrink wrapping machine for boxes

The heat shrinkable film pillow packaging machine is a pillow packaging machine specially used for wrapping heat shrinkable film; the machine adopts three servo control to realize continuous film running, continuous packaging, packaging speed opening, stable and firm sealing; high packaging efficiency. It is widely used in the packaging of cosmetics, food, daily necessities, etc.



The packaging roll film enters the bag maker through the film feeding drive roller and is formed, and the packaged material is fed into the formed packaging film by the feeding conveyor, and is sealed to the sealing device to form a cylindrical shape. The vertical and horizontal sealing conveyor conveys the wrapped cylindrical film into the horizontal sealing and slitting device smoothly, and the photoelectric tracking automatic control system adjusts the sealing and cutting position, and then the product is transported through the bridge into the shrinking furnace for shrinkage. After the shrink oven comes out, a packaging process is completed. The pillow type heat shrinkable film packaging machine adopts three servo control system, programmable control and automatic counting. The bag length is automatically and realistically controlled, the temperature is automatically controlled, and the photoelectric tracking is automatically controlled. Overload protection, leakage protection. Fault alarm and other advanced technology and safety devices, fully functional. The equipment is compact in structure, simple in operation, reliable in operation, high in packaging speed, stable in packaging quality, and flat and beautiful in appearance.

1. Suitable for biscuits, bucket noodles, buns, milk tea, garbage bags, plastic wrap, hardware, auto parts, egg yolk pie, chocolate, bread, cosmetics, daily necessities, industrial parts, moon cakes, boxes, etc. and products with trays. 2. It is suitable for packaging of various regular objects such as biscuits, bread, small moon cakes, daily necessities, disposable wet towels, hardware and so on. 3. Group packaging of food and beverages, bowl noodles, milk tea, mosquito coils, wallpaper, exercise books, filters, electrical switches, various tools, industrial parts and body packaging of daily cosmetics, etc. 4. Packing of regular and irregular objects such as dumplings, steamed buns, moon cakes, biscuits, and large bags of napkins in large boxes

Performance characteristics

1. The pillow type heat shrinkable film packaging machine uses roll film to automatically complete the whole process of bag making, filling, sealing and cutting, and the packaging speed is fast

2. This machine can be equipped with a film waste edge collecting device, so that the packaging can be shrunk vertically and horizontally into three lines, namely H-shaped

3. Digital display function, which can display the size of the film, packaging speed, output, temperature, etc.

4. PLC control is adopted to reduce mechanical contacts, making the system more stable, reliable and easier to maintain

5. Frequency conversion speed regulation, convenient and simple.

6. Non-shrinkable automatic packaging for applicable products

7. The equipment is used in food, daily necessities, electronic products, hardware products, cosmetics, medicines, etc.

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