milk candy tablet packing machine,automaic coouting for 1~10pcs bag packaging form fill sealing packing machine

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small milk candy tablet packing machine

milk candy tablet packing machine,automaic counting for 1~10pcs candy bag packaging form fill sealing packing machine ,for not large capacity factory ,table candy ,round candy,square candy tablet packaging.






 candy tablet counting and packing machine  Feature :

The machine adopts the world's most advanced microcomputer chip control, color touch screen , simple-to-use interface, with photoelectric eye tracking and detection, within two packets accurate sealing and cutting, you can Select Install Date Printer and exhaust or inflatable device. This machine uses international brand frequency control devices, with variable frequency motor and High quality RV series reducer, so that the machine is running stable, low noise, long life, the use of large-screen color touch screen to make operation more user-friendly, simple approachable.










Applicable to the pharmaceutical, food and other industries such as circular and spherical counting bag candy, sugar coated tablets, tablets, capsules, chocolate beans, camphor and other materials


candy tablet counting and packing machine  Specification


bag style

3 side seal/4 side seal

Packing speed

32-72 bag/min

Bag length


Bag width

25-150mm(Need to replace the  Former)

Filling range

1-20 particle

Power Consumption






Carton Meas





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