empaquetadora del bolso de la bolsa del polvo del relleno del gas del nitrógeno

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máquina de envasado de polvo de llenado de gas nitrógeno

nitorgen filled packaging machine for powder,nitrogen inflation powder/ flour packaging machine.Powder type: milk powder, glucose, monosodium glutamate, seasoning, washing powder, chemical materials, fine white sugar, pesticide, fertilizer, etc.



Powder Packing Machine require limited operator intervention. The operator need only replenish product by loading supply hoppers,changing packaging film and bag former.

Combined Parts:
 Necessary: 1.Screw Elevator        2. Auger Filler
                    4.KL-350/420/520/720 Packing Machine     5.Conveyor

Machine Feature:

1The contact material is 304 stainless steel, and the factory equipment standard meets the EU CE certificatio requirements.
2The computer controller is the first patented product in China, an advanced frequency converter, and supports multi-language control.
3Bag system with stepping motor subdivision technology, high precision, and the error is less than 0.5mm. 
    4、Auger measurement adjusting device can adjust packaging capacity during running the machine,reduce the lost of material and improve productivity.
5Bag-making equipment can be changed according to specific requirement of customers and products so as to adjust the amount of packaging.
6Flat cutting, pattern cutting, linking cutting can be realized by changing the toolseasy operation with smooth bags.

Please tell us about your bag size and we can match the suitable machine for you.

Model KL-350 KL-420 KL-520 KL-720
Measuring Range 150 - 800ml 150-1500ml 150-2000mL 150-4000ml
Packaging Speed 5-70bags/min 5-60bags/min 10-50bags/min 10-40bags/min
Bag Width 50 -150mm 60-200mm 80-250mm 100-350mm
Bag Length 80 - 240mm 80-300mm 80-350mm 100-450mm
Film Roll Width (L)1185*(W)935 *(H)1245mm (L)1217* (W)1015 *(H)1343mm (L)1488*(W)1080*(H)1490mm (L)1716*(W)1260*(H)1820mm
Machine Weight 350KG 450KG 550KG 700KG

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