High speed protein bar automatic feeding & packing machine

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High speed automatic protein bar horizontal packing machine

Packaging All Knids Of Regular Object:Bisucut,Cake,Bread And More USE this horizontal  flow pack machine ,auto feeding packing ,High speed,cost saving,reduce pollution.



High speed automatic protein bar horizontal packing machine  MAIN FEATURES


1. The front conveyor belt of this line can be connected with the outfeed conveyor belt of user’s front-end production line for fullautomatic continuous feeding and packing, or by manual products dumping on the conveyor belt for conveying and packing.

2. The packing line can be customized according to user’s individual requirements.

3. With multi-stage frequency conversion for speed adjustment, servo control and intelligent PLC control system, it is characteristic of simple operation, stable running, high control accuracy and low energy consumption.

4. Color LCD touch screen with intuitive HMI display for parameters setting. Fault self-diagnostic display on the screen helps trouble shooting.

5. The data memorystorage function helps to change product sizes.

6. Automatic defective product rejecting function is available to ensure continuity and stability of production.

7. High precision and high sensitivity SICK brand photo sensor tracking system ensures accurate product positioning.

8. The machine configuration is made of complete stainless steel and alu-alloy profiles. With user-friendly design, it is simple and fast in installation, disassembly, repair and maintenance.

9. At user’s demand, extra units of code printer, inkjet printer, air charging device or alcohol spray device can be equipped on the machine for different purpose.

High speed automatic protein bar horizontal packing machine Specification

Machine Weight(Kg)


Film Width(Mm)


Machine Speed

40-230 Bag/Min

Machine Size (Mm)


Film Roll Diameter

Max.320 mm

Packing Film

Any Heat Sealable Laminated Roll



Product Application

Packaging All Knids Of Regular Object:Bisucut,Cake,Bread And More.

Bag Length (Mm)


Bag Width (Mm)


Produce Height(Mm)


Machine Motion


Machine Control Through


Packing Film Pulling

Through Electromagnetic Clutch And Brake

Contact Parts

Food Grade Stainless Ss 304

Sealing Type

Pillow Bag

Main Motor


Temperature Controller

Pid Based

Machine Features

Dual Frquency Conversion Control,Automatic Stop In Case Of Material Absence




Toolbox+Operation Instruction

Optional Features

Punching Cutting Device, Pneumatic Coding Device, Nitrogen Flushing Device,Angle Folding Device


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