fully automatic packing line for chocolate bar ,Automatic feeding, alignment, distribution and packing without workers

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Full Automatic Feeder Cookies Biscuit Packing Line Machine


Packing waffle, sachima, nougat, swill roll, etc. some of the product is with sugar and sticky, it will match with separating device.




1. Clear-up,feeding and packing automatically without man-powder operation.

2. Clear-up machine and positioning feeding machine can be operated separately. They can work in synchronization with producing line, synchronous change speed, automatic stop/startup in case of material absence/supply and so on.

3. It can match Coretamp KT series packing machine.

4. To minimize secondary pollution of produts due to traditional manpower arrangement.

5. Clear-up correctly and high efficiency.

6. Simple frame, easy maintenance, all conveyor belts can be detached quickly without using any tool, ensuring food safe and healthy. 

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