Food Tray Automatic loading Packing Machine Line

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Food Tray Automatic loading Packing Machine Line

Food Tray Automatic Feeding Packing Line ,Mainly applied to  round, square, rectangular  fooD(moon cakes, durian cake, flowers, cake, BISCIUT ) fully automatic tray open and also can automtaci pack with the desiccant together,as required the laso can make a automatic line for product loading in the tray  and then enter packing with the desiccantas the video show.



Food Tray Automatic Laoding Packing Line

Main performance and structural features:
1. The automatic loading and unloading material line consists of a pull distance conveyor, a distribution conveyor, an automatic feeding handling unit, a sorting mechanism, feeding  mechanism and an automatic packaging machine. 
The products such as moon cakes are sorted, distributed, and positioned. The trays are automatically sorted and arranged, and the products are accurately delivered to the trays at the confluence point for packaging. At the same time, deoxidizer or alcohol tablets can be placed simultaneously.
2, a single line packaging speed of up to 80-140 packets / minute.

3. The whole line adopts 220V 50HZ/60hz  power supply.
 Food Tray Automatic Feeding Packing LineAdvantage:
1. The automatic sorting mechanism automatically separates the trays, stabilizes and continues, realizes automatic production, improves food safety and efficiency, and simultaneously delivers deoxidizer or alcohol tablets through the automatic dispenser.
2, multi-stage differential material finishing, to achieve stable and high-speed materials, accurate positioning.
3, the material feeding belt can realize quick disassembly and assembly without tools, and the slag trough is matched under the belt and at the interface, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning, saving time and effort.
4, the overall structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to clean, easy to maintain, different specifications of product replacement adjustment and operation is simple, the parameter settings are simple.
5. The conveyor belt is a food grade blue antibacterial PU belt, which can be equipped with anti-adhesive tape and white PU belt.
6, the control system uses high-quality electrical components, intelligent PLC control, touch screen display, a good man-machine interface, simple, intuitive and convenient operation.

Food Tray Automatic Feeding Packing LineScope of application:
The automatic loading and unloading line is mainly for the shape rules of moon cakes, meat muffins, cakes and the products that need to be packaged. The front end can be connected to the production line for automatic continuous feeding or manual feeding.
feeding  belt :

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