Rotating Disc Type Automatic Feeding And Packaging Line

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Rotating Disc Type Automatic Feeding And Packaging Line

Scope of application:

Rice noodle automatic feeding line is mainly for rice, marshmallow, oatmeal chocolate, crispy sugar, pine cone, nuts and crisps. The front end can be connected to the production line for automatic continuous feeding or manual feeding.



Machine Functions


Main performance and structural features:

1. The rice noodle automatic material processing line consists of a feeding conveyor, a disc finishing machine, an automatic material handling unit and an automatic packaging machine. The centrifugal force of the disc is used to sort out the rice and other products, and the products are sent in an orderly manner. The material handling unit is positioned and packaged. It achieves the effects of continuous, orderly production, low scrap rate and beautiful packaging.

2, a single line packaging speed of up to 150-350 packets / minute.

3. The whole line adopts 220V 50HZ power supply. As shown in the figure, the total power of one to two is about 11KW.


1. The disc organizes the materials, so that the products are ordered into the material processing unit to achieve smooth material transportation, accurate positioning and high speed and stability.

2, the material conveyor belt can realize quick disassembly and assembly without tools, and the slag trough is matched under the belt and at the interface, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning, saving time and labor.

3, the overall structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to clean, easy to maintain, different specifications of product replacement adjustment and operation is simple, the parameter settings are simple.

4. The conveyor belt is a food-grade blue anti-bacterial PU belt, which can be equipped with anti-adhesive tape and white PU belt.

5. The control system adopts high-quality electrical components, intelligent PLC control, touch screen display, good man-machine interface, simple, intuitive and convenient operation.



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