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Baking food Automated Flow Wrap Machine

Mainly suitable for satisfying the solid state of chocolate, candy, wafer, mung bean cake, etc.

The object material is fully automatic high-speed conveying, finishing, feeding and automated packaging products.



1.Baking food Automated  Flow Wrap Machineconsistsof distantiation conveyor,transition conveyor,automatic feeding unit and automatic packing machine.Cake,bread and other products are spaced out first,and then arranged by feeding unit,after that the products are transmitted orderly to the packing machine for packing.The packing line can achieve the effects of continuous and orderly production,low reject rate,and beautiful appearance.Synchronous alcohol spray and air inflation are available.

2.Packing speed of single line can achieve to 80-200bags/min.

3.Power supply adopts 220V 50HZ

Baking food Automated  Flow Wrap MachineAdvantage:

1.Equipped with SUS304 stainless steel battle and PU belt drive conveyor.

2.By the use of multi-stage different distantiation and multi-grade feeding belt,the products are arranged neatly,location accurate and high speed.

3.Dismantle the belts without tools,crumble slots are installed in the connecting places and in the bottom of the belt,easy to maintain,save time and effort.

4.Simplified structure,easy operation,convenient cleaning and maintenance,it's easy and fast to change films and setting when changing products with different size.

5.Equipped with food grade biue anti-microbial PU belt.Anti-sticking belt and white PU belt are also optionally available.

6.High quality electric components are adopted in control system;intellingt PLC,touch screen and wonderful HMI,make the operation easy and intuitive.

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