automatic cookies packaging machine on edge

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automatic cookies packaging machine on edge

Biscuit Packing Machine  is suitable for high speed biscuit packing without pallet. Packing machine  can pack several pieces of biscuits in single row in one pack, no matter round, square, rectangle, oval, or other regular shape.



The cookie packaging machine is suitable for multi-row biscuits, fragile biscuits, multi-package egg yolk pies, French buns, etc. The machine solves the automatic packaging of the large packaging of biscuits, which is a new packaging trend, which is currently widely used in foreign markets.

Performance characteristics

1. AC MOTOR  drive, Inverter control, intelligent control, dynamic adjustment during operation.

2. Photoelectric detection, two-way tracking, can effectively eliminate packaging errors and avoid material waste.

3. Longitudinal sealing heating, can be sealed at low temperature, reducing parking hot film.

4. The bag length is automatically displayed and cut off accurately.

5. The product is packed in multiple rows, eliminating the need for trays and saving costs.

6. Compact structure and low noise

Model: KLW-450 

Bag size: L80-240


span5-70 mm

Packing speed: 30-80 bags / min

Total power: 3.6Kw

Motor power: 1.1 Kw

Voltage: 220V

Heating power: 2.5 Kw

Packaging film width: 450mm

Weight: 1300kg kg

Dimensions: 5000x960x1750 mm


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