A Pita bread packaging machine, one of the popular automatic bread packing machines, provides several benefits for a bakery or food production operation that produces pita bread.

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Toast Bread Flow Wrap Packaging Machine

Newkeli offers various Pita bread packaging machines, toast bread flow wrap machines, toast bread packing machines, flow pack machines for toast bread, pocket bread packaging machines and more bread wrapping machines at affordable prices.



Pita Bread Packaging Machine | Bread Wrapping Machine

Pita Bread Packaging Machine


Toast Bread flow wrap machine 

Main Performance And Structure Features:


The Pita bread packaging machine comes with the compact structure, stable function and simple operation.

Double frequency converter controller, length of package will cut immediately once setting, adjustment needless, saving time and film.

It adopts imported electric appliance, touch man machine interface, convenient parameter setting.

Self-checking function, trouble can be read easily. High sensor photoelectric color chart tracking, make the cutting position more correctly.

Dependant temperature PID controlling suitable for various materials of packaging maintenance. Position stop function, no adhesive and no waste of membrane.

Clean rotation system for the Pita bread packaging machine, more reliable operation and more convenient maintenance.

All the controlling operates by the software, convenience for function adjustment and technical up grading.



Toast Bread flow wrap machine Description Specification




Film width

Max. 350mm

Bag length

65-190 or 120-280mm

90-220 or 150-330mm

Bag width


Product height



Film roll diameter

Max. 320mm

Packaging rate




Machine size


Machine quality



Optional Air filling   device



Toast Bread flow wrap machine Optional Accessories:

1:Date Coder                                                                      

2:Touchable Screen                           

3:Auto feeder
4: Gas flushing device                                                       

5:Auto labeling device                        

6:Deoxidizer chute device
7: Alternative sealing patterns and notch                     

8:Alcohol spraying device                 

9: Automatic Punching Device


Advantages Of The Pita Bread Packaging Machine

A Pita bread packaging machine is a piece of equipment that is specifically designed to package pita bread. It can provide several benefits for a bakery or food production operation that produces pita bread. Here are some of the advantages of using a Pita bread packaging machine.

Increased efficiency: A Pita bread packaging machine can automate the process of packaging pita bread, which can significantly increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

Consistent packaging: A Pita bread packaging machine can package pita bread in a consistent manner, ensuring that each loaf is properly sealed and protected from contamination.

Extended shelf life: Proper packaging can help extend the shelf life of pita bread by protecting it from moisture, air, and other elements that can cause spoilage.

Improved product presentation: A Pita bread packaging machine can package pita bread in an attractive and professional manner, which can help improve the presentation of the product and attract customers.

Customization options: Some Pita bread packaging machines offer customization options, such as the ability to print labels or apply custom graphics to the packaging, which can help build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Overall, a Pita bread packaging machine can help increase efficiency, consistency, product quality, and brand appeal while reducing waste and labor costs for a bakery or food production operation that produces pita bread.

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