Chocolate Bar Packaging Machine, Chocolate Candy Packaging Machine,chocolate flow pack machine

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Chocolate Bar Packaging Machine

Chocolate Bar Packaging Machine, Chocolate Candy Packaging Machine,chocolate flow pack machine



Chocolates can retain its freshness, aroma and taste for a long time if packaged in in safe, seal form method. The highly efficient flow pack machines has the technical features to package chocolates. Our advanced chocolate packaging machine finds application among all chocolate who want keep their delectable stuff fresh for a very long time. Our highly efficient Chocolate Packaging Machine have electro-mechanical drive and are suitable for all types of heat sealable films and laminates.



      This horizontal packing machine contains selectable double frequency conversions, stepping and servo controlling system, the package film could be set up and cut in one time and not need to make film testing, it is greatly save time and package film.

This horizontal packing machine is an integrated, photoelectric detected and microcomputer automatic controlled multi-function automatic packing machine, It can automatic finish material sending, bag making, material filling, package film cutting and sealing etc. All actions are tracked and controlled by microcomputer to make sure the stable length and beautiful sealing surface of the package.

Main feature: AC motor with double frequency conversions speed control system, automatic package length setting and data showing, exact electronic eye phone tracking and automatic adjusting, which are well guarantee the beautiful sealing surface, good airproof performance , compact package structure, smooth operation and lower noise. The package size it may adjusted and suitable for different solid materials

Applications: it is suitable for packing regular solid material such as biscuits, pies, bread, moon-cakes, fast noodles, drugs, daily use, industrial spare parts, paper boxes, plates, etc. 




 Packing Speed:


 Material size

length:40-140mmw  width:30-80mm


can be chosed

The length of the film


 Total Power



220V 50Hz

 Motor Power


Heater power


Outside dimension


Gross Weight



Chocolate Bar Packaging Sample







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