Bathroom rubber strip flow wrap machine,runnber strip packing machine,bagging machine for plastic tube,plastic strip wrapper,Bathroom Plastic tube / PVC strip wrapping machine

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Bathroom rubber strip flow wrap machine

Bathroom Plastic tube / PVC strip wrapping machine,Suitable for packing disposable cup,steel tube,aluminum, plastic tube, plastic pipe,wire groove guide,metal pieces, and any other long shape products.



Bathroom Plastic tube / PVC strip wrapping machine Descriptions

1.The bag length is free of manual setting, the equipment may automatically detect and set the length.
2.PLC controlled, touch screen display,. Perfect interface between operator and machine, integrated, direct and convenient operation.
3.The packing speed and the bag length are controlled by double frequency converter.Stepless speed shift and wide adjustment, can pack the different length products automatically.
4.Highly sensitive respond photoelectric device can follow automatically and accurrately.
5.Independent control for each sealer to make the beautiful and tight sealing suitable for a wide variety of flexible packing.
6.Can install the anti-cutting function according to the needs of users.

Bathroom Plastic tube / PVC strip wrapping machineparameters are as follows: 

Code Model DETAILS
1 Bag Size(MM)  (L)0-6000mm    (W)30-110    (H)5-60mm
2   Filmwidth(mm) 90-250mm
3 Packing speed 1-35m/min
4 Total power 2.4KW
5 Power supply Single Phase 220V   50HZ
6 Net Weight(KG) 550kg
7 Dimension depends on customers' need

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