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IV Fluid Bag Packing Machine

IV Fluid Packing Machine ,IV Influsion bag packaging machine ,The IV Fluid Packaging machinery ensures a smooth packaging such that there is no possibility of external contamination or internal damage due to excessive tight packaging.



IV Fluid Packing Machine,Medical iv infusion bag  flow wrapping machine  Features

KL-450X :

1. Double frequency conversion control , bag length can be set and cut in one step , saving time and films.

2. Adopt PLC & HMI programming software , easy operating and setting . 

3. Self failure diagnosis , clear failure display . 

4. High sensitivity photocell tracing , input cutting & sealing position digitally , extra accuracy . 

 5. which contatc material is food grade belt and ss304 material 

medical iv infusion bag  flow wrapping machine -- KL-450X :
1.CE certification
2.PLC & HMI program
3.double frequency conversion


 speicification of medical iv infusion bag  flow wrapping machine

Model No 450X 600X
Bag Width (Mm) 50-180 90-220
Film Width(Mm) Max.450 Max.600
Power 220V 50/60Hz 2.6Kw  220V 50/60Hz 2.8Kw 
Machine Size (Mm) L4020*W850*H1450 L4020*W1050*H1450
Machine Weight(Kg) About 850 About 900
Produce Height(Mm) Max.80
Machine Speed 30-100 Bag/Min
Bag Length (Mm) 180-450
Packing Film Any Heat Sealable Laminated Roll
Film Roll Diameter Max.320 mm
Machine Control Through PANASONIC PLC
Machine Motion Continuous
Product Application Packaging Soft,Strip And Unorganized Objects Like Towels,Tissues,Noodles,Sausages,Soft Candies
Packing Film Pulling Through Electromagnetic Clutch And Brake
Contact Parts Food Grade Stainless Ss 304
Sealing Type Pillow Bag
Main Motor From Taiwan
Temperature Controller Pid Based
Machine Features Dual Frquency Conversion Control,High Sensitivity Photoelectric Eye Color Tracing,Temperature Pid Control
Language English+Arabic+Any
Additional Toolbox+Operation Instruction
Optional Features Punching Cutting Device, Pneumatic Coding Device, Nitrogen Flushing Device,Angle Folding Device
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