vegetable salad filling packing machine, chopped vegetable salad automatic filling weighing packing machine ,chopped vegetable salad automatic packing machine

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chopped vegetable salad automatic packing machine

vegetable salad packaging machine Application rang of packaging:

Suitable for 150-1000g snack, potato chips, banana chips, rice popcorn, chocolate chips, rice, grain, granule, seeds, beans, nuts, cashew, nut cracker, dry fruit, sunflower kernels, corn beans, puffed food, crispy rice, meat ball, hardware, medicines, vegetable salad and so on.



Vegetable salad packaging machine for Shredded vegetables


A.Vegetable salad packaging machine Machine Features 

1. The 10 head weighing packaging machine can automatically complete the products of fasteners conveying, measuring, filling,bag making, date printing, heat sealing and cutting etc.

2. Servo motor driving system is adopted in the packaging machine.

3. To ensure the same lengthe of each bag, high sensitive electro-optical sensor system is provide to the realize automatic a lignment on the packing film.

4. The packaing machine is equuipped with a computer control system.

5. We have installed constant temperture heating system ensuring stable temperture and keep temperature is +/-1°c.

6. The electroic and pneumatic components of the machine are all supplied by reliable supplier copperating with us for several years, which can ensure the quality of machine and save the cost of purchese meantime.

7. The bag size and packaging number can be customized by customers.

b.Vegetable salad packaging machineTechnical Parameters

Machine Type


Film roll width


Bag length


Measurment rang


Packing speed


Roll fim Diameter


Packaging film thickness



220-380v, 50/60HZ, 2.2KVA

Machine weight


Packaging Materail: Laminated heat-sealing plastic film. Like OPP/CPP,OPP/pp, PET/ ETC.

Bag type: Standar Pillow sealing Pouch bag,Gusset bag, Bottom Bag, Stand-up bag with handle or Euro-slot etc.

Optional Device: Doulble Film Pulling Device, Angle of plug-in Device, Autoamtic Correst Device, Linking Bags Device, Punching Device, Fillling Gas Device.






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