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cosmetic container plastic bottle shrink wrap machine

 This automatic shrink packaging machine is suitable for outer heat shrink packaging of bowls and barrels of instant noodles, sterilized tableware, dried noodles, disposable tableware, toothpaste, cosmetics, mosquito coils, batteries, etc.



1) Using the roll film, the whole process of bag making, filling, sealing and cutting is automatically completed, and the packaging speed is fast.

(2) The machine can be equipped with a film waste edge collecting device, so that the packaging can be shrunk vertically and horizontally into three lines, that is, H-shape.

(3) Digital display function, which can display the size of the film, packaging speed, output, temperature, etc.

(4) PLC control is adopted to reduce mechanical contacts, making the system more stable, reliable and easier to maintain.

(5) Frequency conversion speed regulation, convenient and simple. (

6) This machine can be used together with the heat shrinkable furnace, or it can be used separately. 

Product Features

(1) Single or arbitrary packaging.

(2) The efficiency of group packaging is high.

(3) Using Japanese electrical components.

(4) Equipped with an anti-cutting safety clutch device, which does not damage the packaging.

(5) A waste recycling device can be added to make the packaging more beautiful.

(6) The bag length, speed and temperature can be adjusted independently, and the operation is convenient and accurate.

(7) It can be equipped with a coding machine or an inkjet printer, without the need for manual labor.

(8) With brake control, the equipment is responsive.

(9) Chain conveyor, which will not move or turn over when feeding.

III. Shrink wrapping packing machine Specification



Film width

Max. 450mm

Bag length


Bag width


Product height


Packaging rate

30-180 bag/min


220V/ 3.6KVA

Machine size


Power of Shrink tunnels blower(highest)





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