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double kitchen roll paper packing machine

Double roll paper packaging machine, 2 kitchen roll packaging machines, specially designed and produced for packaging 2 kitchen rolls.


KL-750TS rotary double roll packaging machine Not only is the packaging effect beautiful and concise, but it also saves a lot of packaging costs and packaging time! Automatic roll packaging machine, toilet roll packaging machine, roll packaging machine, single roll packaging machine, Xinkeli automatic roll packaging machine, (paper ball automatic packaging machine + side ironing machine + punching machine)

Main performance and machine features of 2 kitchen roll bagging machines/double roll packaging machines

1. Full servo system control, all independently programmed, all controls are realized by software, which facilitates function adjustment and technology upgrade, and is absolutely backward.

2. Human-machine interface, convenient and quick parameter setting.

3. Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display is clear at a glance.

4. High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark, digital input of sealing and cutting position, more accurate sealing and cutting position.

5. It will automatically identify the bag length according to the tissue product, and the machine adjustment is simple.

6. Positioning stop function, no knife sticking, no waste of film.

7. The transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.

8. Can be automatically connected to the paper cutter, eliminating the need to manually place paper towels, saving labor costs.

9. When there is no product output, the packaging machine will not film and will not produce empty bags.

Technical parameters of 2 kitchen roll bagging machines/double roll packaging machines

model KL-750TS Packaging film width Max.750mm

Bag making width 100-280mm

Paper towel height Max.130mm

packaging speed 20-80 bags/minute

Machine voltage 220 V

power 3.0KW 50/60HZ

Machine size (L)5020*(W)820*(H)1450 mm

weight 800kg

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