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granule packing machine

Granule packing machine can be divided into large packing and small packing. The granule packing machine is suitable for quantitative packing of rubber granules, plastic granules, fertilizer granules, feed granules, chemical granules, grain granules, building materials granules, metal granules and sealed granules.



The fully automatic operation of the automatic particle packaging machine can realize the product packaging line operation, improve the production efficiency and significantly reduce the product cost. The vertical small packaging machine meets the hygiene standards of food processing machinery. Parts of the machine, its contact materials and pouches meet the standards for material processing, food hygiene and safety assurance food hygiene requirements.

1. Automatic filling, metering, bag making, coding, sealing and cutting with functions. The bag making system adopts high precision stepper motor

2. The controller adopts Chinese or English display, you can directly see the working conditions.

3. Intelligent photoelectric controller system.

4. Cup volume filling, high precision.

5. The side-opening protection pressure plate has good visibility and safe operation.

6. The latest hopper sleeve is adopted, which is easy to adjust and clean. It does not need to be cleaned and adjusted again, so the work efficiency can be improved.

7. This machine is suitable for granule product packaging, each bag can be selected from 3 or 4 square seals or back seals according to customer needs.

8. Ribbon coding machine can be added according to customer's needs, it can print one to three lines, product and batch number date.

9. Bag making: bag width is different, the former is different

10. Bag length: can set the operation interface

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