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soap wrapping machine

Application field: Soap packaging machine is mainly used for the automatic packaging production of various soaps, transparent soaps, laundry soaps, sulfur soaps and other products. , egg yolk pie, scouring pads and other long, round, square and other regular items of pillow packaging, are widely used in daily chemical, food and other enterprises.



Features: The soap packaging machine is driven by servo and operated by touch screen, with high operation efficiency, stable transmission and easy operation. It is suitable for the outer packaging of various solid OPP, PP, Paper film ALUMIMUN and other films. The advanced microcomputer packaging controller of the soap packaging machine and the excellent man-machine dialogue mode enable the speed, bag length, tangent position detection, etc. to be displayed directly on the interface. This model has the function of automatically adjusting the position of the object, and at the same time solves the problems of unstable alignment and slow speed encountered in the original old-fashioned dual-conversion technology, which greatly improves the alignment stability. Photoelectric detection, two-way tracking, and can effectively remove packaging Error, avoid material waste, new vertical sealing heating, can be sealed at low temperature, reduce parking hot film, adjustable bag, long and short pitch settings, easy to change varieties.

Technical parameters of soap packaging machine:

Film width Max. 250 mm

Bag length 65-190mm/190-280mm

Bag width 30-110mm

Product height Max . 50mm

Diameter of film roll Max . 320mm

Packing speed 40-230 packs/min Power

Specifications 220V 50 / 60Hz 2.4KVA

Machine size (L) 3770 × (W) 670 × (H) 1450mm

Machine weight 500kg

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