Investing in the rusk packing machine or bun packing machine is a smart decision for your business to increase productivity, consistent packaging, and ease of use.

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rusk packing machine

The rusk packing machine is suitable for packing fragile bulk material with irregular shapes and requiring high measuring accuracy, such as :puffed food, shrimp strip, potato chips, banana chips, apple flakes, crispy rice, biscuit, peanut, cooked seeds, sweets, etc. 



Rusk Packing Machine | Bun Packing Machine



2.Ten heads combined scale 
3.Z type material conveyor (including vibrate hopper) 
4.Supporting platform 
5.Finished product conveyor

rusk packing machine


Looking for an efficient and reliable solution to pack your rusks? The rusk packing machine is the perfect choice. This advanced packing machine is designed to make your packaging process fast, easy, and efficient.

The bun packing machine is equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures the highest level of speed and precision in your packaging process. With its high-speed production capability, you can package more rusks in less time, increasing your productivity and profits.

Not only is the rusk packing machine fast, but it also guarantees consistency in your packaging process. No more unevenly packed results that could harm your brand's reputation. This bun packing machine is equipped with precise measurements and sealing capabilities, ensuring that every pack is perfectly weighed, wrapped, and sealed for maximum freshness.

The rusk packing machine is user-friendly and easy to operate, even for those with no prior experience in packaging. The intuitive design and simple interface of the bun packing machine make it a breeze to use, while its compact size means it won't take up too much space in your facility.

Investing in the rusk packing machine or bun packing machine is a smart decision for your business. With its benefits of increased productivity, consistent packaging, and ease of use, it will pay for itself in no time. Upgrade your automatic packaging process today and experience the difference for yourself. Order Newkeli rusk packing machine now and take the first step towards maximizing your profits and improving your brand's reputation!


bun packing machine


Automatic Rusk Bread Stick Packaging Machine Feature:
The system can finish automatically all processes ,i.e Feeding, measuring, filling and bag making, printing date, product output. 
The machine structure is compact, rational, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance. 
The complete set of the machine is featured with fair price, stable performance. 
The machine adopts independent mixing system ,is able to mix uniformly the material . 
Air consumption 2.5m3/min 6kg/cm2 
Max. Film width 120-380mm 
Bag length 80-240mm 
Bag width 50-180mm 
Max. extend diameter of coiled material Max.300mm 
Packing speed 5-70bag/min 
Packing thickness 0.04-0.08mm 
Power supply specification 220V,50/60Hz,2.4KAV 
Total weight of machine 350kg 
Machine size (L)880*(W)810*(H)1350mm


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